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Family Counseling


Family Counseling in San Antonio, TX


When families have difficulties they can't resolve on their own, they can turn to family counseling services for help. Family counselors receive training to facilitate difficult discussions and ensure that every member feels heard and seen.


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About Family Counseling


Family counseling is a type of psychotherapy that focuses on understanding the family and the relationships between its members. It can help families work through issues affecting one or more members, from substance abuse to behavioral difficulties and mental illness. Families with interpersonal conflicts also find counseling helpful.

Types of Family Counseling


Following are some of the many types of family counseling we currently offer at San Antonio Authentic Counseling.

  • Strategic Therapy: Strategic therapy helps families with children with behavioral issues. Therapists present it as a short-term, task-oriented process where the therapist replicates normal interactions within the family and helps the members understand how their actions affect the problem. It helps families navigate challenges and gives children the opportunity to overcome their issues.

  • Narrative Therapy: This therapy approach operates on the concept that early childhood trauma, such as that caused by adoption and attachment issues, can disrupt family members' lives years after the fact. Caregiver narratives help the child or adolescent with their unmet needs.

  • Communication Theory: This tactic works by improving family members' communication skills. Today, our expectations of communication's role in families are vastly different than they were in the past. Communication therapy intends to teach family members the most effective ways to reach one another.

  • Transgenerational Therapy: This process helps counselors examine interactions between family members of different generations and how they handled crises in the past. Different generations have many contrasting approaches to troublesome situations. This therapy type focuses on helping family members discover how others handled problems and possible future approaches, given present patterns. 

  • Marriage and Relationship Counseling: Relationship counseling is a type of family counseling that helps people with their romantic relationships. Couples have the opportunity to work on communication, resolve conflicts, and improve their interactions. Often when a family group is undergoing counseling, the adults also participate in relationship counseling.

Why Choose San Antonio Authentic Counseling?


Our office is a safe space where family members with any role or need level can come closer through facilitated discussion. Our highly trained counselors work with each patient and each family with care and compassion.

Frequently Asked Questions About Family Counseling


Here are several client questions about our approach to family counseling:

Why do therapists recommend that the entire family attend counseling when it seems the problem affects only two people?

Family therapy centers around the concept that the family as a whole is a system that needs to be understood. Every member of the family has valuable input. When one or two members have a problem, they can disrupt the entire system and cause ripple effects. However, the role of other family members may go unseen until a therapist can explore the problem with the people in question.


Does family therapy pin the blame on one person when the family has a problem?

Family therapy does not take this approach. The family is a vital element in solving the problem experienced by one or more family members. Family members' interactions are as important as the behavior that "causes" the problem.

How does a family therapist know what is best for our family?

Family therapists do not tell you what is best for your family. They help families change troublesome interaction patterns and improve household harmony. The individual family members and the family group must decide whether to take the therapist's advice. The therapist understands their role in these decisions.

Is family therapy a long-term commitment?

In most cases, family therapy is a short-term, solutions-based process. The process combines one-on-one sessions with family sessions. The average length of family therapy is about 12 sessions.

What happens if I can't convince my family members to participate?

Even if you need help getting everyone involved in family therapy, you will still benefit from the process if only one person or a handful of people attend. Uninterested family members may join the process at a later date.

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When your family is experiencing challenges related to attachment, trauma, behavior, or relationships, you don't have to navigate them alone. Call San Antonio Authentic Counseling at 210-757-3782 to make an appointment.

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