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Marriage / Couples Therapy

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Marriage and Couples Therapy


If relationship stress and conflicts, or simply daily life, is intruding your personal life, marriage and couples therapy can be an excellent way to help you work through problems, move past them, and become better partners.


Relationship counseling focuses on improving relationships, and offers practical solutions for communication issues, conflict resolution, and the exploration of other relationship issues.

It can be effective at any stage in a relationship, to resolve problems or simply strengthen personal connection and communication tools.

Reasons to Seek Marriage and Couples Therapy 

Marriage and couples therapy can benefit you as soon as any problems or issues interfere with your daily life. It can help in a variety of situations including: 


  • Difficulty with expressing your feelings to each other and other communication issues

  • Unsolvable disagreements

  • Withdrawal from your partner

  • Experiencing criticism or contempt when interacting with each other

  • A stressful or traumatic event occurs in your daily life

  • Making decisions together is difficult

  • Lifestyle differences

  • Infidelity

  • Lack of physical intimacy

  • Physical or mental health issues

  • Addiction or substance abuse issues

  • Domestic violence

  • Financial issues such as job changes, a stay-at-home partner, shared income

  • Seeking to strengthen your relationship through enhanced communication and problem solving or for any reason


In short, while there are many reasons to seek counseling for couples, none of them are wrong! Whether you’re experiencing problems of any kind or simply wish to build a deeper, stronger relationship foundation, or work on communication and interaction, counseling is an excellent idea to improve your overall happiness. 

Relationship Counseling Isn’t Just for Married Couples


Along with married couples, others can benefit greatly from therapeutic intervention, including cohabiting couples, dating couples, non-monogamous couples, and couples experiencing gender identity issues. 


Premarital counseling can assist couples preparing for a long-term commitment with helping to develop healthy communication and identify any potential issues that could affect a healthy relationship. 


This type of couples counseling can address areas such as: 


  • Communication skills

  • Finances, including budgeting

  • Family relationships and expectations

  • Parenting choices, such as whether you both want children and if so, how many

  • Parenting styles and parenting responsibilities

  • Partnership responsibilities

  • Partnership roles

  • Sex and intimacy

  • Values and beliefs, including spiritual beliefs 


Discussing these areas can set your marriage on the right track, enhancing honest communication, preparing you to acknowledge and address any uncomfortable issues or feelings, enhancing listening skills, and working together as a partnership team to address any areas of potential conflicts and prevent issues down the road. It’s a great way to get your relationship off to a healthy start.

Learn More About Couples and Marriage Counseling


Counseling for couples can greatly improve your relationship and resolve issues that may rise between couples both in and out of marriage. Putting in the time for therapeutic guidance can mean the difference between a successful relationship and an unhappy one. 

If you would like to know more about marriage and couples therapy, and how we can help at San Antonio Authentic Counseling, please reach out to us today!

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